Introducing the 32 2017-2018 10 Cents a Meal Schools!

Thirty-two school districts statewide will receive additional 10 cents per meal in 2017 to purchase locally-grown produce. “It is my expectation that we will eclipse the successful results of the past year and strengthen student knowledge, preference, selection, and consumption of healthy, locally-grown food,” said Sen. Geoff Hansen, R-Hart. Continue reading

Changing School Food Choices Through Policy Reform

Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan (HKHM), a coalition of public and private sector health advocates united to fight childhood obesity, has emerged as an important advocate for the 10 Cents a Meal program. HKHM’s Healthy Food Access Team provides important policy support to inform legislators about how 10 Cents is strengthening Michigan, bolstering both students’ health and farmers’ bottom lines. Continue reading

Michigan Legislature Expands 10 Cents a Meal Pilot to Broader Regions of the State

August 19, 2017 by Diane Conners.  Thanks to the Michigan Legislature, schools in 29 counties of Michigan have just been notified of an opportunity to tap into state funds to show the difference a dime can make in their efforts to serve Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables and dry beans to students.   Continue reading