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Reach out to people and organizations like your school board, parent organizations, food service directors, legislators, health and wellness advocates, farmers and farm groups. Share Our Website, Success Stories, and the fact sheets, reports, and more below. 

Watch this video and see Senator Hansen, the previous chair of the education budget committee, talk with students about 10 Cents a Meal and the role community members play in the continued expansion of the program.

Check out these Tools for Schools and help your school and early childhood community get prepared to grow a successful program and secure 10 Cents a Meal grant funds.

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New! 10 Cents a Meal Fact Sheet 


Farm to School Preparedness Checklist

New! Why 10 Cents a Meal: What Food Service Directors Are Saying


2018-19 Report to the Legislature - see how 10 Cents is growing (select "print to fit")

2018-19 Legislative Report

10 Cents a Meal Overall Program Results in Infographics

Michigan Department of Education Legislative Report Press Release 

2018-19 Report as front-back handouts: (select "print to fit")


Prosperity Region 2

Prosperity Region 4

Prosperity Region 6

Prosperity Region 8

Prosperity Region 9

2017-18 Report as front-back handouts: (select "print to fit")



Student Impact: Knowledge


Student Impact: Consumption


Student Impact: Selection & Preference


Economic Impact



Past Reports, Press Releases, Website Navigation, Outreach One-pager & Supporters Guide 

Past Legislative Reports Press Releases



ECE One-Pager      Outreach One-pager Supporter Guide 2019-20 10 Cents Grantees    


Agricultural Impact  

10 Cents a Meal in the SNAM Newsletter

2018-2019 Evaluation Results