Webinars and Training Resources

10 Cents a Meal for Michigan's  Kids & Farms Training

This training is a comprehensive course on the 10 Cents a Meal program geared towards grantees and prospective grantees. In this interactive course you will complete various sections on the overview of the program, how payments/invoicing works, the education & marketing aspects of the program, and additional resources to help implement the program as a 10 Cents a Meal grantee. The entire course should take about 30-40 minutes to complete and provides all the necessary information for grantees to get started with the program. 

Garden and Donated Produce Guide

The Garden and Donated Produce Guide is a tool to help 10 Cents a Meal grantees give a value to the produce they have grown in school or on-site gardens/farms, or donated Michigan-grown produce that is used for 10 Cents a Meal purposes. Grantees should use the figures listed in the guide when creating invoices for the produce and upload them in MDE's GEMS/MARS Invoice Data Submission Module. 

GEMS/MARInvoice Submission User Guide and Invoice Template

This resource is for 10 Cents a Meal Grantees and provides detailed instructions for uploading invoice information to the GEMS/MARS invoice submission module. Click the icons below to download the user guide and invoice template. Click here for an example of how to fill out the invoice template.

Invoice Record Keeper

Use this document to assist you with tracking invoices before submitting them to MDE's Invoice Data Submission Module in GEMS/MARS. If you did not receive an invoice or receipt, such as at the farmers market, use this document to track all information, get the vendor name, and have the vendor initial below then save this document for record keeping. Note: you MUST submit the invoice data in GEMS/MARS to receive reimbursement. Click here for an example of how to use the Invoice Record Keeper.

10 Cents a Meal Info Session for Farms and Food Distributors

This info session hosted by the Michigan Farm to Institution Network for farms and food distributors features a program overview of 10 Cents a Meal and perspectives from guest speakers who have worked with the farm to school program before. 

Buying Local: A 10 Cents a Meal Training for 2020-2021 Grantees

Co-hosted by the Michigan Farm to Institution Network and Michigan Department of Education, this webinar teaches skills and knowledge for sourcing and purchasing Michigan-grown produce for child-nutrition programs. 

Webinar for Food Service Directors: 10 Cents a Meal Training

This webinar provides an overview of 10 Cents a Meal along with important information regarding FarmLogix and the reporting process required of grantee schools for 2020-2021. 

Webinar for Food Service Directors: Farm to School Education & Marketing

Watch our webinar below, featuring three 10 Cents grantees who share stories of successful district-wide collaboration on hands-on learning activities to support student consumption of local food in the lunch line.

Webinar for Educators & Administrators: Farm to School Education & Marketing

Hear from leaders in Michigan's farm to school movement about the importance of educator involvement in hands-on learning activities, proven to boost student consumption of local food in the lunch line.