10 Cents a Meal Grant Application Re-Opens!

The 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan’s Kids & Farms grant application is open for a second round of grants for the current 2021 funding year (which runs through September 30, 2021.) Grants will be awarded by the Michigan Department of Education until the funds are expended, so the sooner applicants apply the better.

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What is 10 Cents a Meal?

10 Cents a Meal is a competitive, matching grant for all school districts (public, public school academies, or private), residential childcare institutions (RCCIs), and child care centers that participate in the USDA child nutrition programs of Extended Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) during the school year, National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

It supports schools and early childhood education centers in buying and serving Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

To learn more about the grant and the success districts have had, visit www.tencentsmichigan.org  

How does it work?

Schools and centers:

  1. Purchase local produce—at least twice the amount of the grant award.
  2. Serve it in school or center meals that qualify for USDA reimbursable meals.
  3. Promote the Michigan produce and provide some educational components about local agriculture and products.
  4. Submit receipts and invoices on a monthly basis.
  5. Complete 3-4 surveys.
  6. Receive reimbursement.

You can find a webinar for grantees here and learn more.


Application Tips

  • Applicants may access the application by using their Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) login and password. This will allow them to save the application and return to it. If someone logs in as Guest, they will have to complete the application at one time.
  • The application has FOUR sections to complete – Contact Information, Budget Detail, Assurances, and Program Information. These may be found on the drop down menu on the left hand side (Under Select).
  • Applicants will be asked about current local purchasing of whole or minimally processed produce and how it’s used in the school or center’s program(s), current farm-to-school partnerships, marketing plans for local purchasing initiatives, and project goals including educational efforts.
  • The more thorough an application response is, the better chance the school or center will have to be granted funds.  
  • Community members can also support local schools and early childhood education centers in success. Check out this page for some ideas. Applicants can include the ways in which community members will assist them in their grant applications.
  • To access the application, click on the following link

For questions about the application, please contact Liana Bennett, [email protected] or Jaime Malnar, [email protected].

A grant application guide also is available here.

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