The Unintended Benefits of 10 Cents a Meal at Charlotte Public Schools

By Melanie Wong, MA, RDNUnintended benefits. That’s how Brent Bishop, Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor at Charlotte Public Schools, views the multiple unexpected positive outcomes his district has received by participating in 10 Cents a Meal. 10 Cents a Meal is Michigan’s state-funded program that provides matching grant funds for Michigan-grown vegetables, fruits, and dry beans served to children in school and child care settings. Last year, when Brent joined the food service team at Charlotte Public Schools, applying for 10 Cents a Meal for his district was one of the first things that he did. With an appreciation for using quality ingredients when preparing food, Brent knew that the program could help him afford those ingredients—and save money in his district’s food service budget. Continue reading

Growing Food for Detroit's Students: A Spotlight on Drew Farm

By Melanie Wong, MA, RDNFor Elvin Owensby, it’s the little things that count, like looking out at the farm he helped build and beautify— a farm that was built upon a school district’s decision to swap baseball fields for fields of vegetables. Photo: Drew Farm sign, artwork by Linzell Rice Continue reading

Lettuce Work Together: Artesian Farm and New Buffalo Area Schools' Spirited Partnership

A student helps themselves to a serving of Artesian Farm lettuce from the salad bar.  Continue reading

Scratch-Made, Local Food at Baxter Community Center's Child Development Center

Debra "Grandma Dee" Wade smiles while holding a cup of her famous purple smoothies. Continue reading

Cindy Schlachter Ensures Healthy Food For Flint Kids With 10 Cents A Meal Program

“With the programs we have right now, the kids can pick out what they want, it’s all pre-wrapped and packaged. It’s so much better for the kids to have fresh stuff. This program is about helping kids better understand the role food and general nutrition play in their daily lives.” shared Cindy. Continue reading

Belding High School Incorporates Farm to School Vegetables in Student-Centric Omelet Bar

"We want our entire student body to see the tree to tray connection.” – Tracy Nelson, Food Service Director, Belding Area Schools Continue reading

Farm to Freezer inspires year-round eating, creativity at Coopersville Area Public Schools

Winter has taken its sweet time leaving this year, but Melissa Alley feels like she’s bringing her students a taste of Michigan summertime every day of the year. Continue reading

Brussels sprouts love at Thornapple Kellogg

83% of students surveyed last week at SE MI's Thornapple Kellogg Schools liked Balsamic Roasted Brussels sprouts from Chelsea's Tantre Farms! Kudos to Food Service Director Jessica Endres for providing her students with a daring and delicious option!

Friske Orchard apples at Holland Public Schools

"Sweet on the forefront and pucker on the end!" - sweet and sour poetry from a satisfied apple taster at Holland Public Schools. Students across the district enjoyed Granny Smiths from Friske Orchards.

Fall Foods in Grand Haven

Sarah Stone, a Chartwells Food Service Director for Grand Haven Area Public Schools, said Chartwells typically limits its food service staff in her region of the state to buying from certain larger vendors. But the 10 Cents schools* have been allowed more choices, such as Michigan-focused Cherry Capital Foods, which sources from smaller growers to mid-size.  Continue reading