• Discover the impact of the 2017-2018 program in our report to the legislature!

  • Students are loading trays with Michigan produce

  • Educators take Farm to School into the Classroom

  • Tools to engage your whole school, including new webinars

  • Frozen Michigan blueberries find their way from farm, to processor, to school

  • 112 Michigan farms are doing business with schools this year

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10 Cents A Meal for School Kids & Farms is a state pilot program that provides schools with up to 10 cents per meal in match funding to purchase and serve Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, and legumes. 

NEWS!!! Michigan’s innovative 10 Cents a Meal for School Kids & Farms program is continuing—and it’s expanded. Gov. Rick Snyder signed the $16.8 billion education budget on June 28, including a $575,000 line item for the 10 Cents a Meal program. Michigan Prosperity Regions 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9 are now eligible to receive 10 Cents funding. Is your county included? Check it out here.

The Michigan Department of Education expects 10 Cents grant applications to be released late July, 2018. For information on how to apply visit our Tools for Schools page here.

Learn the impact of the second program year, supporting the health of an estimated 95,000 students and the business of 112 farms! Click here to download the report. 

"With this bill, Michigan joins just a handful of states that have taken this great step forward, demonstrating its role as a national leader in this work."- Helen Dombalis, Programs Director, National Farm to School Network