Schools (District, Early Childhood, Food Service, Education Associations, Parent Organizations, etc.)

Muskegon Heights-Operation Healthy Heights

Kelloggsville Public Schools

Real Food SEED, Whitehall District Schools & Montague Area Public Schools

Traverse City Area Public Schools

Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools

Kaleva Norman Dickson School District

Grass Lake School District

Manton Consolidated Schools

Glen Lake Schools

Waterford Schools

Montague Area Public Schools

Leland Public Schools

Holland Public Schools

Lakewood Public Schools

West Ottawa Public Schools

Saugatuck Public Schools

Fennville Public Schools

Bangor Public Schools

Delton Kellogg Schools

Martin Public Schools

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

Bridgman Public Schools

South Haven Public Schools

Ironwood Area Schools

Memphis Community Schools

Jenison Public Schools

Hudsonville Public Schools

Capac Community Schools

Sturgis Public Schools

Manistee Area Public Schools

Spectrum Juvenile Justice Services

Mancelona Public Schools

Mason County Eastern Schools

Lincoln Consolidated Schools

Stockbridge Community Schools

Health Organization (Hospital, Clinic, Public Health, Professional Associations, etc.)

Shape Up North

Grand Traverse County WIC

Farm, Farmer Organization

Zumo Eco Farm

Titus Farm

Groundswell Farm

Verdure Fresche

Spirit of Walloon Market Garden


Business (Non-Farm)

Cherry Capital Foods

Wineguys Restaurant Group

AM Edmonds LLC

Economic Development or Chamber Organization

Taste The Local Difference

Nonprofit or Community Organizations

Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities

The Farm at St. Joseph Mercy Health System

Muskegon Heights-Operation Healthy Heights

Detroit Food Policy Council

West Michigan Shoreline Food Processing Initiative

Fulton Street Farmers Market

Michigan Environmental Council

Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan

Michigan Farmers Market Association

Food Gatherers

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum 

Be Healthy Berrien

Orten Foundation

FoodCorps Michigan

Growing Hope

Northwest Lansing Healthy Communities Initiative

Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan

Project Healthy Schools

Ottawa Food

Center for Civil Justice

The Agrarian Adventure

Southwest Michigan Local Food Council

St. Louis Farmers Market

Local Food Alliance of Northern Michigan

University, College, Culinary or Other Technical Support

Kalamazoo Valley Community College


Edible Michiana

Oryana Community Cooperative

Kent County Essential Needs Task Force

Tamarack Holdings

Interested Citizens

Lindsay Mesnch - Farmer - Ingham County

Meghan McDermott - Food & Farming Program Director - Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities - Grand Traverse County

Laura Meisler - Education Coordinator - The Farm at St. Joseph Mercy Health System - Washtenaw County 

John Polanyi - Nonprofit Advocate - Muskegon Heights-Operation Healthy Heights - Muskegon County

Winona Bynum - Nonprofit Advocate - Detroit Food Policy Council - Wayne County

Stephanie Thompson - Early Childhood Coordinator - Oakland County

Brenda Jansen - Food Service Director - Kelloggsville Public Schools - Kent County

Marty Gerencer - Executive Director - West Michigan Shoreline Food Processing Initiative -Muskegon County

Sherry Sedore - Food Service Director - Pellston Public Schools - Emmet County

Roxanne Pierce - Food Service Director - Imlay City Schools - Lapeer County

Jae Gerhart - Local Foods Coordinator - Michigan State University Extension - Washtenaw County

Suzette Hendershott - Food Service Director - Buchanan Community Schools - Berrien County

Rori Weston -Executive Director - Fulton Street Farmers Market - Kent County

Lynn DeVlieg - Student Engagement Coordinator - Real Food SEED, Whitehall District Schools & Montague Area Public Schools - Muskegon County

Tina Reynolds - Director of Health Policy - Michigan Environmental Council - Ingham County

Tom Freitas - Food and Nutrition Services Director - Traverse City Area Public Schools - Grand Traverse County

Alexandria Palzewicz - UP Local Food Coordinator - Taste The Local Difference - Marquette County

Randall Davis - Food Hub Manager - ValleyHUB - Kalamazoo Valley Community College - Kalamazoo County

Heather Ratliff - Farm to School Sales Representative - Cherry Capital Foods - Grand Traverse County

Jackie Cosner - Farmer - Zumo Eco Farm - Ingham County

Jenna Noffsinger - Food Service Director - Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools - Benzie County

Alan VanderPaas - Mobility Management Coordinator - Grand Traverse County

Tim Klenow - Food Service Director - Kaleva Norman Dickson School District - Manistee County

Paula Bartholome - Co-Publisher - Edible Michiana - Berrien County

Kelly Bolton - Food Service Director - Grass Lake School District - Jackson County

Andrea Weiss - Communications Director - Clinton County

Amy Burton - Coalition Director - Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan - Ingham County

Amanda Shreve - Executive Director - Michigan Farmers Market Association - Ingham County

Rebecca Chavalia - Administrative Assistant to Food Service - Glen Lake Community Schools - Leelanau County

Shelley Ritchie - Food Service Director - Manton Consolidated Schools - Wexford County

Markell Miller - Director of Community Food Programs - Food Gatherers - Washtenaw County

Lisa Uganski - Registered Dietitian - Ottawa County

Daniel Schoonmaker - Executive Director - West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum - Kent County

Jeanne Hausler - Parent, Local Food Advocate, School Volunteer - Clinton County

Heather Cole - Director - Be Healthy Berrien - Berrien County

Michele Worden - Director, Former School Board Member, Former Farm to School Educator - Orten Foundation - Grand Traverse County

John Fields - Food Service Director - Glen Lake School - Leelanau County

Doreen Simonds - Food Service Director - Waterford Schools - Oakland County

Rebecca Titus - Farmer - Titus Farm - Ingham County

Scott Smith - Nonprofit Advocate - Emmet County

LeeAnn Brown - Concerned Citizen - Wayne County

Wendy Wieland - Educator - MSU Product Center/MSU Extension - Charlevoix County

Katie Brandt - Co-owner - Groundswell Farm - Ottawa County

Addell Anderson - FoodCorps Michigan Director - FoodCorps Michigan - Wayne County

Mary Dagen - Physician - Ottawa County

Joe White - Educator - Verdure Fresche - Wayne County

Jennifer Wolf - Parent - Emmet County

Melissa Roessing - Supervisor of Food Security and Stabilization Services - Community Action House - Ottawa County

Amanda Kik - Mom - Antrim County

Brian Bourdages - Nonprofit Advocate - Northwest Michigan Food and Farming Network - Grand Traverse County

Amanda Maria Edmonds - Principal - AM Edmonds LLC - Washtenaw County 

Erica Bloom - Assistant Director - Growing Hope - Washtenaw County 

April Willbur - Program Manager - W.K. Kellogg Foundation - Calhoun County

Mary Keedy - Restaurateur - Wineguys Restaurant Group - Emmet County

Steve Nance - General Manager - Oryana Community Cooperative - Grand Traverse County

Megan Kinney - Librarian - Chippewa County

Rachel Cross - Farmer - Spirit of Walloon Market Garden - Charlevoix County

Peggy Vaughn-Payne - Executive Director - Northwest Lansing Healthy Communities Initiative - Ingham County

Dan Gorman - Food Service Director - Montague Area Public Schools - Muskegon County

Amy Schneider - Parent - Grand Traverse County

Dave Ruszel - Food Service Director - Leland School - Leelanau County

David Palme - Research Administrator - Michigan State University - Ingham County

Jefferey Martin - Youth and Schools Manager - Growing Hope - Washtenaw County

Peggy Panici - Food Service Director - Kenowa Hills Public Schools - Kent County

Patricia Wall - Food Service Director - Holland Public Schools - Ottawa County

Matt Moore - Food Service Director - Lakewood Public Schools - Ionia County

Chris Nelson - Food Service Director - West Ottawa Public Schools - Ottawa County

Patty Wall - Food Service Director - Saugatuck Public Schools - Allegan County 

Beth Ohman - Food Service Director - Kent City Schools - Kent County

George Siedis - Food Service Director - Fennville Public Schools - Allegan County

George - John Siedis - Food Service Director - Bangor Public Schools - Berrien County

Sharon Boyle - Food Service Director - Delton Kellogg Schools - Barry County 

Michelle Schulte - Nonprofit Advocate - Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan - Chippewa County 

Kimberly Hinga - Food Service Director - Martin Public Schools - Allegan County 

Ben Ransier - Curriculum and Training Coordinator - Project Healthy Schools - Washtenaw County 

Dawn M. Davies - Public Health Educator - Kent County Health Department - Kent County

Kimberlee Cullimore - Nutrition Director - West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science - Kent County 

Ken Poor - Food Service Director - Greenville Public Schools - Montcalm County

L. Uganski - Coordinator - Ottawa Food - Ottawa County

Cile Plumstead - Parent - Leelanau County

Peggy Ferguson - Food Service Director - Bridgman Public Schools - Berrien County

Nicole Hansen - Executive Director of Community Engagement - YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids - Kent County

Kelly Bidelman - Executive Director - Center for Civil Justice - Genesee County

Lori Davi - Executive Director - Sanzuma - San Rafael, California 

June Altom - Food Service Director - South Haven Public Schools - Van Buren County 

Whitney Haughey - Administrative Assistant - School Nutrition Association of Michigan - Ingham County

Alice Jo Rainville - Educator - Eastern Michigan University - Washtenaw County 

Rachel Bair - Educator - Kalamazoo Valley Community College - Kalamazoo County

Rosie Garcia - Parent - Saginaw County

Suzanne Sorkin, MD - Retired Physician - Grand Traverse County

Katherine Heins - Educator - Kyoseikan Dojo - Kent County

Evan Robertson - Food Service Director - Holt Public Schools - Ingham County

Susan Burack - Educator - Houghton County

Molly Smucker - Interested Citizen - Kalamazoo County

Rebecca Austin - Health Promotion Specialist - Beaumont Health - Oakland County

Lia Spaniolo - Parent - Ingham County

Emily Canosa - Educator - The Agrarian Adventure - Washtenaw County

Lisa Binon - Good Food Advocate - Emmet County

Mary Hampston Kusz - Food Service Director - Ironwood Area Schools - Gogebic County

Jennifer Laninga - Food Service Supervisor - Grand Rapids Public Schools - Kent County

Laura Nickelson - Food Service Director - Memphis Community Schools - St. Clair County

Wende Randall - Director - Kent County Essential Needs Task Force - Kent County 

Kristin Thompson - Food Service Secretary - Holland Public Schools - Ottawa County 

H. Cole - Director - Southwest Michigan Local Food Council - Berrien County 

Mary Darnton - Food Service Director - Jenison and Hudsonville Public Schools - Ottawa County 

Vicki Watson - Food Service Director - Chartwells/Capac Community Schools - St. Clair County 

Patti Miller - Food Service Director - Sturgis Public Schools - St. Joseph County 

Linda Bader - Market Manager - St. Louis Farmers Market - Gratiot County

Emily Mattern - Parent - Clinton County 

Jon Kirk - Chef - Charlevoix County 

Elizabeth Lipka - Cashier/Cook Aide - Muskegon County

Keri Carlson - Food Service Director - Manistee Area Public Schools - Manistee County

Alyson Kass - Shape Up North Coordinator - Shape Up North - Grand Traverse County

Xaviar Jaramilllo - Executive Chef & Food Service Director - Spectrum Juvenile Justice Services - Wayne County

Bethany Taylor-Moore - Food Service Director - Chartwells/Mona Shores Public Schools - Muskegon County

Amana Ciofu - Mission Advancement Specialist - YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids - Kent County

Jessica Moody - Food Service Director - Mancelona Public Schools - Antrim County 

Dana Kessel - Food Service Director - Mason County Eastern Schools - Mason County

Sarah Dyer - Assistant Food Service Director - Vicksburg Community Schools - Kalamazoo County

Karen Thomas - Food Service Director - Lincoln Consolidated Schools - Washtenaw County

Rebecca Noonan - Registered Dietitian & WIC Coordinator - Grand Traverse County WIC - Grand Traverse County

Christine Anderson - Food Service Supervisor - Berrien RESA - Berrien County 

Patti Tibaldi - Educator - Traverse City Area Public Schools - Grand Traverse County

Sherry Kleinfelt - Food Service Director - Mar Lee School District - Calhoun County

Karen Guobis - Food Service Diirector - Allen Park Public Schools - Wayne County

Larry Dyer - Program Coordinator - Local Food Alliance of Northern Michigan - Emmet County

Richard Browder - Food Service Director - Brighton Area Schools - Livingston County

Stephanie White - Food Service Director - Stockbridge Community Schools - Ingham County

Michael DePolo - Supporter - Oakland County

John Hoagland - Owner/Manager - Tamarack Holdings - Grand Traverse County

Christi Nowak - System manager of Community Health - Munson Medical Center - Grand Traverse County

Kaitlin Wojciak - Community Food Systems Educator - Oakland County