Tools for Farmers

Farmers across Michigan are building business with 10 Cents a Meal grantees who have funds solely for purchasing locally-grown fruits, vegetables and dried beans. Read about how farm-to-school relationships are strengthening a Michigan farm near you - from gaining a school district as a new primary customer, to new families who are visiting their farmers market stands seeking the produce their kids are learning to love at school.

Farmer Outreach Handout

Check out these resources: 

Bringing the Farm to School: Producer Resources Learn how to get started selling your produce to schools. Check out the business planning resources in the Producer Workbook and learn from others by reviewing the Case Studies.

Building Business Relationships Find grantee school districts near you, learn how to work with Michigan distributors, and check out other resources.

Marketing in School Districts Learn about the power of interactive farm to school education to grow demand for your product, and explore practical strategies for collaboration with school districts.

USDA Fact Sheet: Selling Local Food to Schools: A Resource for Producers

Learn From Other Growers Take it from your fellow Michigan farmers - farm to school can grow your business!

Connect with the Michigan Farm to Institution Network

10 Cents a Meal Info Session for Farms and Food Distributors This info session hosted by the Michigan Farm to Institution Network for farms and food distributors features a program overview of 10 Cents a Meal and perspectives from guest speakers who have worked with the farm to school program before.