Plums in Manistee Schools

Manistee Area Public Schools Food Service Director Keri Carlson loves the responses of children to the flavors and connection to Michigan that 10 Cents* has provided. Continue reading

Michigan Apples in Muskegon

Colleen Johnson, Food Service Director for Muskegon Public Schools and Muskegon Heights Public Schools, grew up in a rural part of Michigan, near Blue Lake. Her city students, however, haven’t had the same experiences she had eating fresh fruits and vegetables grown by area farms. Continue reading

Extra Veggies in Traverse City

Tom Freitas, Food Service Director for Traverse City Area Public Schools, said that with the extra 10 cents a meal* he’s been able to try new things like kale, multicolored carrots, and Romanesco, a lime green cauliflower that kids call “spaceships” or “Christmas trees.” Continue reading

Rainbow Carrots in Frankfort

Frankfort-Elberta Area Public Schools Food Service Director Jenna Noffsinger has taken the rainbow carrots to a new level. Continue reading